Monthly Archives: April 2009

Introverts and Individualists and Collocation

I am seeing a general trend. People are saying we should bend over backwards because implementers are introverts. (Yes, way over-simplifying a complex issue, but bear with me.) That position seems a bit too much, but the general direction is, I think, correct. Let’s posit that a good team always has (at least somewhat) talented […]

CSM Course, Durham, May 6-7. And May 8th

We are looking forward to a good Certified ScrumMaster course in Durham, N.C. We hope that people will get enough out of it to double their Velocity. (We know there is enough there to do that, but there are several other issues.) The course will address BV Engineering, Agile Estimating & Planning and other issues. […]

Shock Therapy

Back in September, Jeff Sutherland spoke at the Googleplex in NYC. The talk includes a section on shock therapy. The video is called “Self-Organization: The secret sauce for improving your Scrum team.” It’s about 90 minutes long. Recommended. One key point: Shock therapy is a technique for a special and experienced coach to work with […]