Monthly Archives: February 2010

CSM course + Workshop in Ottawa March 1-4

Joe Little will be leading a Certified ScrumMaster course (2 days), followed by an optional workshop (2 days). In Ottawa, Mar 1-4. Here are the details: The workshop is good for any team that needs a boost. Either at the beginning, or in the middle. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have […]

Do Scrum and Kool-Aid go together?

Occasionally I hear the complaint, “Oh, you [scrum, agile, lean, x] guys have drunk the Kool-Aid. You don’t care how reality intrudes, you’re just going to propose your [x] solutions.” What does this person mean? He or she might mean, “Completely on faith, without any support of reason and facts, you are a strong advocate […]

The importance of the Product Owner

It is probably true that the Product Owner is yet more important than the ScrumMaster for the success of the team. The ScrumMaster should, almost by himself, triple the velocity of the team. He or she is the ingredient without which it does not happen. And the Product Owner can execute the 85-33 Rule — where […]

Change and how we feel

Why is it that we change? And how do we feel about it? And how does change stick? My business is to change people, including myself. As a change agent, one is always interested to know more about why people change.  Maybe better: How do we get people to change, and stay changed? One idea […]


Taylor Swift just won the Grammy, I think, for album of the year. Maybe a few other Grammys, too. Taylor Swift has a song out called Change. Maybe “old” now by music industry standards. Watch the video here. In 1988 there was a movie with Uma Thurman called “Dangerous Liasons.” OK, Uma Thurman was not […]