Yearly Archives: 2010

Certified ScrumMaster course in Ottawa Feb 3-4

Just a quick post to mention this course. We were up in Ottawa recently and enjoyed it. (Although cold to a guy from NC.) This should be a good course, and hope you can attend. For details, see here:  Subscribe in a reader

Paying for courses

Apparently paying is a complex subject. This post is mainly for those who wish to pay for our LeanAgileTraining courses, but others are welcome to read it. First, there are many ways to pay: check, cash, wire transfer, credit card, barter, etc. If you have a question about this, contact Cassandra Wagner. Second, the “easy” […]

Free Speech

One of the great themes of Agile is freedom. There is no doubt that some take freedom in the wrong way, and what they get is more like anarchy, which is not freedom. But, from what I see, most people don’t really understand freedom. Based on actions, they seem to think it means, “I am […]