Yearly Archives: 2010

An Intro to Business Value Engineering

On June 30, 2010, while I was in Montreal giving a CSM course, I joined the Scrum User Group and gave a new, somewhat different, presentation on BV engineering. The group seemed to like it, so I am making the point in a more practical, concrete way. Click here to see my presentation.


I have suggested in other posts that a tremendous amount of improvement can be made in five areas: ScrumMaster leading the removal of impediments Product owner executing the 85 percent to 33 percent rule (like the 80 to 20 rule) Team having more fun! Team reducing technical debt all of the time Continuously better business […]

Suggestions for a better Daily Scrum

It is my view that the main problem with doing Scrum is that we don’t “feel the music” while we do the dance. That is to say: we don’t understand the values and principles underlying the practices we are doing. In general, this is true of all of us. Saying, “I get Scrum better than […]

New Courses

All up-coming courses are posted on And you can see the calendar in the widget to the right. We are excited, for sometimes different reasons, about each of these courses. We have enjoyed the people we have met (so far) in each of these cities. We enjoy working with the co-leaders. And each of […]

The hardest thing about Scrum?

To hold as ’twere the mirror up to nature: to show virtue her feature, scorn her own image, and the very age and body of the time his form and pressure. What is best thing about Scrum? Wow. There are so many good things, hard to choose the best. We get to be ourselves (less […]

What does a PO do?

We say a Product Owner (PO) can have a tremendous impact on the success of a team, of the team’s work. Say, by doubling the BV within 6 months. With the recession, we could use that about now. Sounds nice. How is the PO gonna do that? Well, this is a constant effort and it […]

Certified Scrum Product Owner course Apr 27-28

For the team’s work, a good Product Owner is very important. A decent PO should be able to double the value delivered by the team, just by their own efforts, in 6 months. (This assumes a normal team, as I see them.) This can make the lives of many real people better: customers, the team, […]

If you wait for perfection….

If you wait for perfection, you might wait too long. There are some similar quotes, but so far as I know, this quote is mine. As the father, I kind of like it. But most parents love their own children. (If I am not the father, tell me now.) This applies to all of life. […]

A re-write….

I have taken an article out of context and re-written it below. Here is the original. See how you like the re-write: If social psychologists have proven anything during the last 30 years, they have proven that the actions we take leave a residue inside of us. Every time we act, we amplify the underlying […]

Changing people (that would include you)

I am involved with Scrum as a coach and trainer, and occasionally, I get the question, “I would really, really like to do Scrum (better), but I need to change X, Y and Z.” And X, Y and Z are people, or groups of people, at that person’s organization. And, just to remind us of […]