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Selling the Benefits of Scrum

Two other CSTs (scrum trainers) made some comments in a Google Group, which got me thinking.  They reminded me of an exercise I normally do in my Scrum classes. Every class is different, but imagine a class that is mixed. Some people are new to Scrum, some have a few months experience, some have 9-24 […]

Blue Pill and Red Pill

During a course in Romania, a participant asked me: “don’t you think you are setting false expectations? Scrum may help, but it will not help that much. This sets false expectations and disappoints people.” Good comments. Good concerns. I don’t agree that we are setting false expectations; although I think some issues must be addressed. […]

Change: “You miss 100% of the shots you never take.”

This is a quote by Wayne Gretzky. I am flying to Canada now. And I like hockey. Today the quote reminds me of how hard change is. To make any change happen in an organization is hard.  It takes a lot of energy.  It takes a willingness to miss a shot, to make a mistake, […]

We Band of Brothers

“We few, we happy few, we band of brothers.”  Another great phrase that Shakespeare wrote, this time for the mouth of Henry V. Here it is explained. The leadership in the real field of battle, against great odds.  You may find this interesting as well. Here it is enacted with Kenneth Branagh. You may wish […]

Radical Management

Steve Denning has written a great agile book for managers, called The Leader’s Guide to Radical Management. Here are the five principles: A shift in the goal of making money for shareholders to delighting customers through continuous innovation. A shift in the role of managers from controlling individuals to enabling self-organizing teams. A shift in […]

6 Myths of Product Development

This is a very useful article in the HBR, by Stefan Thomke and Donald Reinertson.  Reinertson is well known in the lean-agile community.  It is excellent.  Go here to buy it for $6.  Well worth it. Here are the myths or fallacies they mention: 1. High utilization of resources will improve performance. By ‘resources’ they […]

Do only high benefit/cost work!

Tom DeMarco wrote an article a while ago: “Software Engineering: An idea whose time has come and gone?” (2009)  I guess I am just catching up on my reading. One topic is: are metrics useful? I think the real issue is: how useful is it that we ‘control’ projects? His comparison is: 1. If we […]

High Priority Interrupt Work in Scrum

Imagine that you have new, high priority work, that gets identified during the sprint.  In other words, you don’t even know many of the stories or issues or tickets until after the Sprint Planning Meeting.  A support team is a classic example of this. How do you organize things in Scrum to handle this? The […]

Kent McDonald on Release Planning

Here is a good article on release planning. Includes a video. Enjoy.

The Term ‘Release Planning’

Is the term ‘Agile Release Planning’ useful? Mike Cohn has a good blog post about this, here. I agree and slightly disagree. First, we need to state the obvious principles. It is important, as far as possible, to be clear and consistent about what a word or phrase means. Release Planning normally implies planning for […]