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Culture & Agile & Change at the NYC Scrum Users Group

On March 20th, 2014, we had a great discussion.  The group was great, very active participation. Thanks especially to Rob and Mary, and also to many old and new friends. Here is the slide share. Mainly we discussed Fearless Change. This is the work of Mary Lynn Manns and Linda Rising. They are soon to […]

What to tell the Executives?

To be successful with Agile, sooner or later we want to engage the Executives.  Or, sometimes, they are already engaged, but we feel we need to talk to them.  To have them understand more or do something differently. So, first, be patient and be hopeful.  Too many of us (agile advocates) start the conversation feeling […]

Public Impediments – Toronto March 2014

Here are the issues this group thought were important.  Many are ‘issues’ in a waterfall model.  The list is not in order of priority, nor necessarily impediments in an Agile model.  Some are vague to us (stated in too few words), but I think they knew what they really meant.  Maybe one or two is […]

Public Impediments – Charlotte March 2014

We are a strong advocate of a public impediment list.  Why?  There are many reasons, but my top 3 are: Team members know when to tell and when not to tell the ScrumMaster about a new impediment Assuming some attempt at prioritization has been made, the Team knows when to give the SM feedback about […]

Definition of Ready

Gabriel asked: Hi Joe, Can you recommend few good sources for “Definition of Ready” ? Answer:  I like Jeff Sutherland’s ideas.  In general, but also in this area. Did you see this? It includes an article.  Read that. As he taught me, the DOR (or ‘ready, ready criteria’) is flexible team by team.  Each […]

Public Impediment List – Charleston Mar 2014

I am a big advocate of each team having a public impediment list.  Elsewhere I describe that in more detail, and describe some issues with it.  The key thing: the main purpose of the list is to enable us to fix the ‘best’ impediment faster or sooner.  We don’t just have a list to do […]