Definition of Ready

Gabriel asked: Hi Joe, Can you recommend few good sources for “Definition of Ready” ?

Answer:  I like Jeff Sutherland’s ideas.  In general, but also in this area.

Did you see this?

It includes an article.  Read that.

As he taught me, the DOR (or ‘ready, ready criteria’) is flexible team by team.  Each team must decide on the details of its DOR, based on the needs of the team members, the PO, the type of product, etc.  And from their experience (what works, what doesn’t).

One key thing: eliminate anything the Team (Doers) do not use.  Do not over-document, for example.
See also Jeff’s blog on the Enabling Specification. (I also have some blog posts on this topic.)

And see my earlier post on getting to Ready.
Regards, Joe


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