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Ideas Behind Agile Planning: Adapting Better

In 2001, “Responding to Change over Following a Plan” seemed like a pretty aggressive step. (That is the last of the four Agile Manifesto lines.) Today, from a customer’s viewpoint, it is not enough. Customers want a better adaptation to change, and not just attitude or relatively obvious things like more or faster releases. They want […]

Ideas Behind Agile Planning: Responding to Change

The line from the Agile Manifesto is: “Responding to Change over Following a Plan.” But let’s take this further in two main ways. 1) Change can be good. To me, in Waterfall, we always thought of change as bad. It was mainly bad because it forced us (eventually) to change the plan which was a lot of […]

Agile Carolinas: Open Space Topic – Agile Transformation

Agile Carolinas has recently had some awesome meetings on this topic of Agile Transformation. Now we want to do an Open Space event on the subject.   Topics might be: * Dealing with middle-level resistance * Getting stable teams * Getting teams set up well for success (the team, the product vision, the situation) * […]

Ideas Behind Agile Planning: Get Everyone Involved

OK, it sounds good, get everyone involved. But what does it mean? And why do we suggest it? It means many things. Here are some: Everyone gets to contribute. Eleven heads are better than one. Get everyone on the same page at the same time. Visibility. Everyone can see it at the same time. We can […]

Ideas Behind Agile Planning: Prioritize Our Stupidity

We could phrase this as “prioritize our learning,” but I find it fun and a good chuckle to be humble enough to admit we are stupid. Human beings, at least in regard to planning, are stupid in two ways: (1) incompletely informed, and (2) we just do stupid things. But I am referring particularly to the initial […]

Webinar: Aggressively Attacking Impediments & Using BV Points

I just did a Webinar on this topic. Below is the PDF of of the Keynote I used.  

Ideas Behind Agile Planning: Speedy

General George Patton said: “A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.” Part of this is an acceptance that all plans are imperfect and are based on incomplete information, including incomplete information about the future. We do the best we can to plan in a quick time-box, and […]

Ideas Behind Agile Planning: Openness

One of the key ideas behind planning is Openness. What does that mean? Many things. Let’s list a few. Everyone can see it… the current state of our planning. Everyone can voice an opinion… within a reasonable time-box. “It’s too long, it’s too short, too big, too small, too cheap, too expensive…” as examples. And […]

Ideas Behind Agile Planning: Planning, Not the Plan

There are people in Agile that call themselves the “no-estimates” group. They hate “planning” that used to crush people. And, at least, this is how planning is perceived sometimes. But they overreact. Yes, they are right that planning should never be used to put people under a lot of pressure—certainly not to crush people—but life always includes […]

Announcements – August 2020

Here are several announcements, briefly listed: Online Courses/Workshops We are doing all courses in an online (virtual or remote) format for now.  We do not know how long this will last.  For now, we have changed all the courses in September to “online”.  Frankly, I am slightly hopeful that we might be doing in-person again […]