Taking Ideas on a Test Drive

I am a strong proponent of “show me the money.”

In other words, there are lots and lots of ideas that sound good. And only a relative few that are really worthwhile. And we only know which are which by …taking an idea for a test drive.

But even this basic scientific idea is not complete.  Not all ideas are subject to proof in a scientific way.  But in general we should try the ‘proof’ approach more often.

Here is a WSJ review of a new book, Uncontrolled by Jim Manzi.  And the title of the review is: Taking Ideas for a Test Drive.

And taking ideas for a test drive is what lean-agile-scrum does. We try to do a series of small semi-controlled experiments.  To see if we can try some new things that will help us improve.

If you have a problem reaching the WSJ article, contact me and I think I can send it to you.



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