John Kotter Explains the 8 Steps to Create Successful Change

Here is a slide show and voice over by John Kotter (our best expert on change) talking about how to get organizations to change.  Watch and listen here.  [This was a link, and it is broken now.]  About 7 minutes.

[We can send you now to the 8 steps page at Kotter International.]

Here is a video on “The Heart of Change.”  About 5 minutes.

Of course, your organization is smarter about change than John Kotter, so your colleagues do not need to see this.  (smile…I might have been teasing.)

In fact, my premise is that no organization is professional about introducing ‘different’ changes within the organization.

Example: Can you identify, in your own career, any organization that has implemented a large change well?

We certainly can associate some new outstanding products.  To me, that is different.  Building a new product is different than changing the way an organization ‘works.’

Kotter’s research says that 70% of change efforts fail.  And only 5% are successful in roughly the way originally expected.  Teaching an elephant to dance en pointe



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