Announcement: Scrum Alliance allows Online Courses

Scrum Alliance announced that it will allow, for some period of time, for virtual / online courses.  This is due to the Coronavirus.

We have our first virtual course next week, that is March 17-19.

And the second course on March 24-26.

Our expectation is to do every course for the next two months as an online or virtual course.  We are willing to consider in-person courses.  And, we consider for most people and ourselves personally, there is little risk.  But right now, there is social risk.  Apparently our  public health departments and related “systems” could be overwhelmed.  We must do what we can at this hour. In a month or two or so, we will be back to in-person courses.

What do we prefer?  There is no doubt that in-person courses are better.  One of the key values of agile and especially of Scrum is: we treat people as-if they were real people. (Yes, “as-if” is sarcastic.)  And they are only really real if they are in-person, with all the…viruses… that implies. But also all the “touch” that implies as well. Specifically, their whole being is affected differently.

AND…we expect still, in online or virtual mode, to affect your whole being.

Later, you are welcome (in limited numbers) to come to an in-person public course for “free”.  That is, you must pay a small fee that covers (mainly) the hotel costs (room, food, etc.).  We, in fact, recommend that you do this.

If you have questions, please contact us at or 704-376-8881.


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