Executive Action Team

Jeff Sutherland has defined an Executive Action Team. This is similar to the Management Scrum idea that I discussed.

You will also notice that Ken Schwaber and Mike Cohn have described roughly similar ideas to what Jeff is describing. (I will look up later the names they gave to those teams.)

Jeff Sutherland’s idea is similar to what I (and some others) call an IRT. An Impediment Removal Team. That is, a higher level team that looks at all the impediments and works on the ‘best’ ones. Best is either highest (best bang for the buck?) or the ones that IRT are best at fixing.

For Jeff’s discussion of the Executive Action Team, see the video and the slides here. It is Part 3 of his Scrum at Scale series. You will notice that in addition to working on ‘impediments,’ it implies that they work on ‘transition issues’ (as they are; a.k.a. as a ‘transition team’).



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