Scrum at Scale – 4 parts

Jeff Sutherland has recently done a great job in describing his ideas on scaling.

Here are three things I think are key:

  1. Scale down. That is, it is complex to get lots of people involved in one problem or effort.  Simplify.
  2. Use patterns. (E.x. Do not try to implement all of some big poster on scaling at the same time.)
  3. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. While there are some common patterns, and they can work, do not assume every pattern will fit your situation. Be judicious and experimental. Expect experiments not to work out well (for a variety of reasons, including ineffective execution).

Implement one pattern at a time, and only move to the next pattern once the prior pattern is operating professionally across your scaled group.

Here are the modules. They include video and slides. See both.

[Note: Since this post, Scrum Inc has put the posts below “behind” the wall of “ScrumLab Prime”.  No worries; you can get a free 30 day admission by signing up.]


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One thought on “Scrum at Scale – 4 parts

  1. Rob Hoover

    Thanks Joe, this is great. I really like Jeff’s scaling work and I think it complements any framework or any sized organization. These are all worth watching, and also can get you some SEUs if you need them.

    It’s important to remember to take bite sized chunks when scaling, and I think Jeff talks about it, hence the modular approach. I am in a situation now where we have incredible technology Sr Leadership support on an Agile transformation, and business has drank the koolaid as well (at least at the higher levels). The challenge is most of the teams and functional managers are new, so we struggle to make sure that have the support and know where to go when they have challenges they feel they need help with. We realized this and are currently adjusting the pace to what makes sense, while getting that support in place.

    I think you’ve talked about it as well in some of the Agile Carolinas sessions – there is such a thing as scaling “too fast”.

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