The Fuller Picture of Scrum

Very happy to post another short video showing my fuller picture of Scrum.

A number of basics with a picture.

The key thing, that I think many do not mention — and it’s important — is putting the “chickens” into the picture.


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4 thoughts on “The Fuller Picture of Scrum

  1. Ellen Grove

    Is there meant to be a soundtrack with this video? I’ve tried on two different machines/OS combinations and don’t get any sound. No problem with the other lightning webinars I’ve watched.

    1. Ellen Grove

      Thanks for fixing the sound, Joe – it makes so much more sense with the soundtrack 🙂

      I really like that the drawing starts with the customer. And that it includes the folks who are not on the core team but who are essential to the success of the work, which reflects the reality of every team I’ve ever worked with.

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