The Product Owner and the Ready-Ready Criteria

Here is another lightning Webinar on this topic.

A few of the key ideas:

* A small suggestion, easily implemented (at least the basics are easy)

* This is right in the area of the PO’s true responsibilities.

* It yields, we find, huge benefits. Almost always.  (I suppose your team could be doing something in this area already — maybe the benefits will not be so great.  Would love to discuss, and hear what you are doing.)

* Recommended (rather strongly) by Jeff Sutherland, but not yet clearly in the Scrum Guide

* Fix the “unclear requirements” problem!

* Agree on a list of “specific info that might be needed” and judge story by story

* We do NOT provide info the Implementers do not want.  We can try to convince them that they need it.

* The PO gets help from others. Likely, others outside the Team.

* We can vote some stories “off the island”….only the strong survive.  (OK, I like to reference songs.)  But we are no longer allowing crappy stories — that we don’t understand well enough — into our sprint

* We live and learn.  We adjust the list (and the info provided) as we learn which specific info is most critical. Adjustments/learning about the “process” are expected.

Enjoy!  Please do give me feedback.  Here or email.



And here’s the slide deck (in PDF):

ready-ready keynote V2


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