James Coplien / Scrum Patterns

On April 28, 2021, we had an Agile Carolinas meeting.

Very large group (up to 90 I think), from many parts of the world. Certainly Europe and the US were well-represented.

And James Coplien gave a wonderful talk on Scrum Patterns and related topic.  To be brief, Coplien is the co-author of A Scrum Book, which is way of documenting the patterns that Jeff Sutherland (the co-author), Coplien, and the Scrum Patterns Group have documented so far.  (I recommend the book.)

And we had a discussion (kind of Q&A) afterward.

Below is the CHAT transcript of that 2 hour session.

And also below is the slide deck Coplien used.  Keynote and then PowerPoint.








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