Team Level Up Workshop

Next week I am doing an Team Level Up workshop. I’m excited.

The point of the workshop is two-fold:

(a) Level set.

This is to level set amongst the whole team. Get the all on the same page about agile-scrum.

It is common that your Team now has experienced and inexperienced people. People who were trained and people who have not been trained. And, maybe more important, no two people see agile-scrum the same way.

So, getting them all on the same page is likely to help.

(b) Level Up.

Here we want the Team to level up, as the gamers mean it. Move their game up to a higher level.

Part of the idea is that they get to choose how best to improve the Team.

We review agile-scrum and the ideas and practices that I group together under Agile Release Planning.

We review lots of options. They choose the biggest they want to work on.

For more information, please contact us.

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