Webinar: On Agile Managers (2 parts)

This is another in our Webinar Series.

The overall topic is building agile managers.

For this session, I propose two sub-topics, to give us some focus within this huge topic.

Two Sub-Topics:

How do we want the Manager interacting with the Team?

So, we are limiting it this time to one manager and one team.  And the two are interacting.  What do want those interactions to be?

I have ideas and I am sure you do.  Let’s try to articulate them.  And discuss them, share them, debate them some.   And of course we can allow differences of opinion.   In 3o mins.

Building better Agile Managers

For this 30 minute timebox, I propose a broader discussion.  How do we build better agile managers.  I certainly hope some agile managers are part of our group.  Because the “education” of a good manager must of course be done in a realistic way, that fits (probably) with the current situation the managers have.  We need to be realistic.  (Note: “Education” does not imply that all the learning must happen via a course.  In this context education means anything we might do to help the manager become a better agile manager.)

I also want to propose a new idea for managers.  And get your feedback.

All in 30 mins.  So, a total of 60 mins for the session overall.


In this hour, I will talk through a bit of a slide deck (on each sub-topic), and offer some ideas.  But this is mainly food for thought.

I hope we have a lively discussion. It is a hard and important topic, and deserves a lively discussion.  I do not believe anyone has a lock on the right solution here.  And making this better will help a lot.

Also: I expect to have more sessions on this basic topic.  Please share your ideas about sub-topics.

Date: Thursday, October 8th, 2020 at 2 – 3 pm EDT.  1 hour.

Fee: $5

Finally: If you have ideas about other learning sessions (really anything related to agile), please send them to me.  jhlittle@leanagiletraining.com  Thank you!

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