Webinar: Overview of the Team Level Up Workshop

We are giving a free webinar about our Team Level Up workshop.

We have given this workshop 3 times recently.   Clients are very happy.

The basic idea is to take a new/existing team (or teams) and do two things.

(1) Get all the team members and surrounding people on the same page.  Level set.  Let’s agree on what is agile-scrum. (It helps if we are all playing the same game.)

(2) Level Up. Let’s agree on what we can do to raise our level of play.  How do we want to get better.

The workshop is 3 days.

Date: Friday, September 25th, 2020  at 11:30am.

Duration: 30 minutes.  A short presentation and your questions.

Cost: Free.

Please come.  We will explain a little and answer your questions!



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