Webinar: Intro to the CSM Course (plus ARP workshop)

This short webinar will introduce our CSM Course (Certified ScrumMaster course) and Agile Release Planning workshop.

And offer a good Q&A period.


We do the CSM+ARP regularly, nearly every week.  Both as a public course and as an in-house course.  We have been doing them online (virtually) and now have one planned in-person in Charlotte.

(a) We will describe our CSM course

(b) We will describe the add-on, the Agile Release Planning workshop, but quickly.  (We really think you should do both, but the ARP is optional.)

We will be doing this 30 min webinar regularly.


Date: Monday, November 23, 2020.

Hour: 11:30am EST

Cost: FREE

Register: https://leanagiletraining.com/lean-agile-and-scrum-courses/


Here is the slide deck we used at the last session:


This CSM course is described here:

Certified Scrum Master Course

See you there!

And don’t hesitate to ask questions!  info@leanagiletraining.com


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