Webinar: Alternatives to Scaling 3 Teams

This is another in our Webinar Series.  1 hour.

Topic: Alternatives to Scaling 3 Teams

Date: July 20th, at 4 pm EDT, for 1 hour.

Format: Online.

There are many definitions of “scaling”.

For now, we are defining scaling as putting 3 Teams together to work closely on a big, high coupling – high cohesion product (phase).

Our question to discuss:  If you are (were) thinking about this, what alternatives do you have?

We will propose several alternatives, discuss them, and look at the pros / cons of each.

In our experience, people who do “scaling” (roughly what we mean by 3 Team together) — which is hard to do well, very expensive, and often not really successful — do NOT usually even consider any alternatives.

So, we think considering the alternatives can be useful.  And often more successful.

Please join us to discuss.

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Separately: If you have suggestions for topics for these webinars (really anything related to agile), please send them to me.  A topic might be a question, issue or concern, from someone in the Team, from Customers, or from other people outside the Team.
Here: jhlittle@leanagiletraining.com

Thank you!


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