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Commonalities and Differences

What is unavoidable — in Teams we work with people. And we work also with people outside the Team.  But let’s discuss that topic in another post. The next obvious thing to say is that people are complicated, each person by herself or himself, and in a Team of seven then, we get a lot […]

Agile Carolinas: Requirements with Agile – How to become better

Agile Carolinas meeting: May 17, 2022 – at 5:30 pm.  IN-PERSON. We may try to also broadcast via Zoom.  ie, Hybrid.  (We need someone to help with that.) [Links to be added]   *** Unclear requirements are always a problem.  Always hard in a way. So, let’s discuss how we are doing “requirements” in an […]

More, Better…

Goethe wrote at the very end of Faust: Alles Vergängliche ist nur ein Gleichnis Das Unzulängliche, hier wird‘s Ereignis Das Unbeschreibliche, hier ist‘s getan Das Ewig-Weibliche zieht uns hinan (For those drawn to this quote, see: One line in English:  “The unachievable here comes to pass.” It’s a very famous passage in German literature, […]

Postponing the Sprint Start?

Question: Can a PO postpone the start of a Sprint?  Does the PO have the power to do that? *** Answers: First, why would the PO want to do that? It is important to keep the Team and others (esp the Business Stakeholders) on a regular, consistent rhythm.  Do not let them get used to […]

BVPs, SPs, Fun, and the Game – Pt 1

We mentioned this Agile Carolinas session in an earlier post.  And some description.  Here we explain more. To Start Let’s start with Game, because that’s what it’s all about. Well, more clearly, it is about a wonderful life, for the Team and for the Customers.  And everyone else. That means we must deliver a wonderful […]

BVPs, Fun, and the Game

Topic: BVPs, Fun, the Game, and Transparency I will lead the discussion of this topic on Thursday (March 24th, 2022) at Agile-Carolinas.  5:00pm – 7:00pm EDT  Online this time.  (In-person next time.) What is the topic? Here are a few ideas that give you some hints. I advocate for Business Value Points.  And the use […]

Becoming a Better Change Agent (How do I get more change to happen)

I was recently leading a Webinar called Agile Leaders Dialogue.  (Please come next time.) This topic (change) came up.  So, I wanted to review with you my main suggestions. A Learned Skill Becoming a better change agent is a learned skill. Yes, maybe some people are naturally better at it.  Maybe they have practiced it […]

Agile Managers Workshop – Some topics

Basics We have an Agile Managers workshop, to help managers become better agile managers. The next is: Date: Dec 2nd, 2021 – Thursday Time: 2:00 – 5:30 p.m. EST Via: Zoom Topics We want to work on three topics per session. Here are some sample topics and then proposed topics. Proposed topics are the ones […]

Webinar: What should an Agile Manager do?

Webinar: What should an Agile Manager do? Let’s discuss what our current thoughts are. We will propose 8 actions, a small set, of things a manager might start by doing. They are: Set a Goal Check your financial situation Resolve that you want lasting stable Teams Identify the Work for the Team Resolve that you […]

Iterative and Incremental at 3 Levels – #1 “the what”

THIS IS A DRAFT.  (Comments welcome.) I will try to express two big thoughts. Hopefully these are formed well enough that as I talk about them clearly, you can use them in your situation. * Background So, the two ideas are basically these questions: How do we coordinate at the 3 levels on “the what”.  […]