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Spontaneous Order

I will not remember this well (knowledge decay), but there is a great quote from Fujio Cho (now Chairman of Toyota) at the beginning of Liker’s The Toyota Way. Something like: “There are many things you do not understand, and therefore we ask, ‘Why don’t you just go ahead and take action? Try to do […]

Scrum Tools

A course attendee asked about Scrum tools. First, in the Agile manifesto it says, “Individuals and Interactions over Processes and Tools.” Naturally, being geeks, the first thing we want to talk about in or after the course is [drumroll…] tools. We have to have a sense of humor about this. First, I recommend that people […]

Some Agile Principles

Let’s discuss some agile principles. I often say the dance steps will be ugly if you don’t feel the music. There is a heated discussion now about the principles that underlie Scrum. I hope no one hurts himself.  By which I mean, in jest, that we often have the biggest fights about abstract things. On […]

Ready to listen?

From Catherine Louis: I’m getting ready for a 4-day training session in Mt. Hood Oregon teaching new handlers how to work with their K9’s toward becoming an operational search and rescue team. One of the “Ahaaa!” moments in training is teaching the handlers how not to ignore the K9’s innate behavior. One very small example […]

The CSM Test

As you may know, Scrum Alliance is implementing a CSM Test on Oct. 1. Here are a few basic statements. First, the real purpose for you should not be certification and all that alphabet soup. It might be helpful, but it is not the main purpose. The real purpose is improving people’s lives. The customers, […]

Metrics & Velocity

I have received a few comments, both recently and in the past, that tell me some people are uncomfortable measuring velocity. And they are uncomfortable measuring the team. They are usually not that clear why they are uncomfortable.  Some feel it does not help. Let me state my position, which I believe is also close […]

Recommended Reading – June 2009

We have a list of recommended books, here. In addition, we can recommend the following: by John Kotter by Mary Lynn Manns and Linda Rising by Taiichi Ohno by Frederick Brooks One of his famous quotes: “How does a project get one year late? One day at a time.” by Mugridge and Cunningham by Duvall, […]

Breaking the world record

My younger daughter has her last swim meet of the season tonight. I am excited (and still a bit affected by Father’s Day yesterday). When I talk about Agile & Scrum & Lean, I often refer to the Michael Phelps’ attitude. Not his attitude in South Carolina, whatever you may think of that. (Not that […]

What is Business Value Engineering?

I made a post about Business Value Engineering in AgileBusiness (Yahoo group) that I thought I would edit and then repeat here: QUOTE I have been asked to start a conversation about Business Value Engineering. So, here’s a start: What is it? It is a framework for continuously improving the delivery of Business Value to […]

How do we know we have a good idea?

How do we know? I was reading the new book by Bas Vodde and Craig Larman recently. Recommended. It’s called “Scaling Lean and Agile Development.” In the beginning of the book, they give lots of ideas about “how to think.” At first, I found this curious, although the suggestions were very good. Only today did […]