Making Change Happen

Things need to be a lot better at work.  And they can be, in every way. Thus, we need for people or the organization to change.  And we hope we know the direction. And we hope we know the specific changes.

In Scrum, we believe in fairly big changes. In Lean these are called kaikaku.  This happens when we first implement Scrum.

And we do smaller changes also. In Lean small or continuous changes are called Kaizen.  In Scrum, we call this ‘removing impediments.’

Changes is easy in a way.  They must change, it is clear to you.  And your ideas are good.

But change is usually hard also. You feel like you have no power. They want to stay the same. They want to change a different way than you propose.

So, the first pattern is that you become an Evangelist.  You want to get people to change. You start with ‘Ask for Help’. Get others involved.

You want to get some traction. Use ‘Just Do It’.  And get started in a small way with your change.  You want to explain the change to more people. Use ‘Personal Touch’ to make the change specific to those you are working with.

See more patterns and ideas in Fearless Change.  Or read here.

Now that you know these ‘tricks, making change happen is not so hard.  We cannot emphasize too much the importance of adding change upon change. Incremental change. Compounded change.  This is the way to 5x-10x improvement.



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