Our Favorite Scrum Mistakes

Ah, Valentine’s Day!

A day for a simpler love than “love your enemies.” Even the simple love is quite complex.  Well, as long as one is not besotted like Romeo below the balcony. Or Juliet above. When one is besotted, then love is truly simple. Other days, it is not. Or so I am told.

For a less gentle and less perfect world, we offer a Valentine’s Day gift: “Our Favorite Scrum Mistakes.”

This list was put together by a bunch of great Scrum trainers.

Some mistakes you will readily recognize.  For some items you might respond: “Oh, really? We might be doing that.”  You will find some to be similar to each other. You may be surprised with how many there are.  I disagree with a few. (One suggests it is bad to estimate…well, estimating has problems, we admit, but we still recommend it.)

Read, enjoy, learn.  Enjoy the gift.

The list is here.



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