The Sprint and the Meetings

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The next subject we turn to is the Sprint and the meetings in the Sprint.

First, the Sprint is an important time box (one of many timeboxes) where the Team must build working product and then get feedback on what they have built at the end of Sprint. This concentrates their minds wonderfully.

For most teams, we strongly recommend a two-week Sprint.

Compared to a one-week sprint:

  • The managers are more likely come to the demo every time.
  • There is enough to show (we have built enough to get their attention).

Compared to a four-week sprint:

  • It enables faster feedback.
  • The bad news does not get better with age.

On rare occasions we might recommend a one-week Sprint or a four-week Sprint. Even more rarely, we might recommend a different length.

Scrum has four defined meetings, and all of these meetings happen within a Sprint. These meetings are:

  • the Sprint Planning Meeting
  • the Daily Scrum
  • the Sprint Review
  • the Retrospective

In simple terms, you start the Sprint with the Sprint planning meeting and end the Sprint with the Retrospective.

Note: The next post in this series is here.


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