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Impediment List – Montreal Class

Here are the top impediments identified by the recent Montreal class.  There may be some similarities, (a different person might be trying to say essentially the same thing, but for his team).  Maybe your Team will recognize some good things to work on: Team too small Under-staffed Loss of communication (with) customer, stakeholders Not dedicated […]

Key Impediments – Toronto

I am a big advocate of a public impediment list.  (Yes, for some of you, I am saying this again.  I think in general it bears repeating and repeating in a company.) It requires discussion to explain to skeptics WHY we recommend this. I will not attempt that discussion here ( maybe I should in […]

More success with Scrum – How to get it

Fernando Cuenca has an excellent blog post, here.  He discusses what he learned at Agile 2013. I will summarize his teachings in my words. The ultimate question is: how to have a better life for yourself, your Team, and your Customers.  Specifically at work, using Scrum. Measure velocity.  Look for increases in velocity. Otherwise known […]

Impediments – From the Charlotte Class in Sept.

Here are some impediments identified in an exercise by the Charlotte CSM Class in September. Some duplicates, some overlaps. May this list make your Team more creative about identifying impediments. May it lead to your Team to fixing the highest priority impediment first. The List: Personal Agenda Hierarchical approach Understand tasks (tasks not understood, I […]

What’s wrong with that impediment list?

Let’s pretend that the impediment list I just posted (the one from the Charleston class) was a real public impediment list for your team. What would be wrong with it? First, the most important thing to say is: GREAT!  Finally, a public list of key things to work on.  And, if we worked hard on […]

Impediments: from the Charleston CSM class in September

As you may know, I think in Scrum it is key to aggressively attack impediments. I think each Team should have a (mostly) public impediment list. The SM should be attacking the top impediment each day.  This ‘kaizen’ should lead to improvements in velocity. Every Team can get better. Always. An impediment is anything (anything!) […]

What are impediments? Definition of Impediment

Definition of Impediment is anything that is slowing down the Team.  (The Scrum Team)  Anything! In PMP words, it is any kind of issue. And it may include risks as well, but typically only high probability risks that are likely to occur fairly soon. (I typically also recommend a simple risk log for each Certified […]

Do we need an Impediment List? Yes!

Yes, we need a public impediment list. Every Team does. Why? One argument against is that all impediments should be eliminated immediately.  Yes, if this were possible, this should be done.  But I think that assumes an incorrect view of what impediments are. Yes, it is true some impediments only appear from time to time. […]

Impediments (or symptoms of) – Montreal Class July 2013

Below is a list of ‘failure modes’ for projects, as identified via the experience (in waterfall, whatever, agile or scrum) by the people in the Montreal July 2013 class.  These are not in priority order.  They suggest certain impediments to add to the Public Impediment List for your team. Lack of communication Too many impediments […]

Achieving the Goal of a Retrospective

Some teams seem to approach Retrospectives without a real drive to succeed.  Or so it seems.  They just use it to ‘talk.’  About the ‘good, the bad, the ugly’ as I sometimes tease. Now, talking can be helpful.  Still, we can usually do better than this. What is the goal of a Retrospective?  Well, I […]