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The Michael Phelps Attitude

Whatever we do, what is our attitude?  In work or in much of the rest of life, I think our attitude should be some interesting combination of humble and aggressive. My business is lean-agile-scrum.  Are we ever finished learning Scrum (the simplest of the three)? My answer: No. Why?  I started talking about the Michael […]

Public Impediment List!

This is essential in Scrum. That is my opinion, and while an impediment list is not called out in the Scrum Guide, I think Jeff Sutherland would at least insist that the continuous removal of impediments is essential. Read his blog posts and form your own opinion. Why public? Well, so everyone can see and […]

Impediments Management – 2

A bunch of us got together in Ottawa recently to discuss different issues for managers. The issue (one of three) chosen was Impediments Management across multiple teams. Including how an management Impediments Removal Team (IRT) would operate. The example we drew is one of four regular Scrum Teams, each with its own impediments list. Each […]

Impediment Management

I was talking today with Martin Drapeau at, brainstorming the question, “What do managers need?” I have let the cat out of the bag: I am not one of those agile guys who thinks all managers are evil. (Yes, I have in my career seen more bad managers than I want to admit — […]

How much should we sharpen the saw?

You probably know the classic story of the man sawing the tree. You walk up to him. You: “How’s it going?” Man: “Wow. It’s really hard. This is one big tree, and I have been working at it for hours now.” You: “Sounds tough. Why is it going so slowly?” Man: “Well, this is hard […]

The biggest impediment

To start the New Year, perhaps we should focus on the biggest impediment. Now, of course, we don’t know the biggest impediment at your place of business, but I can tell you what I see at clients, and what makes sense to me, given human nature. In my view, it is human nature to feel, […]

Where to start?

Some of us have been doing Lean-Agile-Scrum for awhile now, and we forget that others are just starting. So, where does one start? The first answer is to start from where you are. One thing this means is to start with the impediments one has today, and you use Scrum to help tell you, “What […]

We can’t go any faster Captain!

With many Scrum teams, they reach the point of attacking all the obvious impediments. And the impediments, at least in their minds, are all fixed. And they say, in effect, “we can’t make it go any faster Captain!” As that actor with the Scottish accent would say in the original Star Trek. What’s wrong with […]

The hardest thing about Scrum?

To hold as ’twere the mirror up to nature: to show virtue her feature, scorn her own image, and the very age and body of the time his form and pressure. What is best thing about Scrum? Wow. There are so many good things, hard to choose the best. We get to be ourselves (less […]

Business Value Communication

In March I did a short workshop on business value engineering at the ScrumGathering in Orlando. Very interesting to me, although it was mainly about the work that the attendees did. As I commented to them, it certainly was not about what I said. It was not even about what they learned in the session. […]