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Impediments: Orlando May 2015

During class in Orlando, the following impediments were identified.  Some duplications, I think, perhaps partly due to the way we/they did it. Bulky process Silos Customer rep with no mandate Blame game [Need] one more person on site with Front End [skills] Lack of motivation [Lack of] knowledge of new technology Delivery pressure, customer expectations […]

Scrum Master Course Toronto + Certified Scrum Toronto + Workshop – Impediment List

Certified Scrum Toronto | Scrum Master Course Toronto + Workshop Impediment List Here is what the Toronto course identified as impediments.  Not in any order (although understood that it must be ordered). Overlooking risks Big scope Team competence Too many defects Team changes Processes not clear Product owner involvement Under estimated Requirements not clear Requirement […]

Managers : Impediments

It should not be confusing how to manage in Scrum (agile). Let’s put a scope on this. We are talking about the management of innovation, using Teams. Not the management of BAU or regular production or whatever your firm calls that. I am less sure these principles (below) apply in those cases, but I do […]

Impediments – Charlotte – Oct 2014

This the list that this class identified: Indecisive Little stakeholder engagement Started development late LOB changed strategic direction Assumptions Lack of Test Environment & Data Undefined risk Lack of communication Missing requirements Too many bugs No DOD Time constraints (this is not yet a actionable impediments…but an issue for analysis IMO) Backing into dates Unreasonable […]

Public Impediments – Charleston Oct 2014

Until you are perfect, you have impediments to fix. Here are the ones identified quickly in the course in Charleston. From an Agile point of view, I am not sure I would agree all are impediments. Team member looking for other work Lone wolf attitude with some team members Changing technology Lack of specific skills […]

Impediments – Charlotte Sept 2014

The following impediments were identified: Egos No proper test environment Bad data Process failure external market Lack of coordination Unrealistic timeframe Change Mgmt Org changes Changes in technology Budget Customer communication (lack of) Too many defects Waterfall “hangover” No accountability Management interference Bad product owner Lack of structure Lack timeline Ru out of money Unclear […]

Impediments – Charlotte Course July 2014

In the Charlotte course, the following impediments were identified.  These came from different people and were expressed in different ways.  I copied what they said.  So, for example, sometimes a “…, lack of” is implied. No one knows what done looks like Missed stakeholders Poor or non-existent planning One release per year (mentality) Technology Undefined […]

Impediments – Charlotte

These are the impediments the Charlotte group identified today. Some of these need a ‘lack of.’ Culture, company politics Missed requirements Team motivation Competing priorities Lack of mgmt support Insufficient expertise Not enough senior support Budget constraints Lack of funding Undefined requirements Poor planning Missed stakeholders Poor training Resources not allowed to focus Requirement clarity […]

Impediment List: Toronto

We just completed a CSM course in Toronto. Here are the impediments they identified, although some are phrased in a positive way. Eg, for some you need to add “…, lack of.” This list, as with others here, supports the idea of a public impediment list.  The real issue is ‘fixing impediments regularly and aggressively.”  […]

Impediment List – Inhouse Course May 15

I am a strong supporter of identifying small things that we can take action on, one at a time, to get better.  In Scrum, we call this an impediment list.  This week, the class identified these impediments. I think I have ‘translated’ them correctly …. Lack of governance 0% transparency Actively disengaged team members Competing […]