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Release Planning: Completing the Plan

[This post is one of a series on Release Planning. The series starts here.] As discussed in the previous post on Release Planning, the user stories are now ordered. Now we must complete the Release Plan. So, we must make the trade-off between scope and date. There are three ways to do this: 1. Fixed […]

Release Planning: Effort (2)

[This is a continuation of a series on Release Planning that starts here.] Now we come to the point of describing Planning Poker. This has been done before; we will be brief.  It is described at greater length many other places. *** Some basic characteristics: * We find the 5 best experts (or 4-7 people) […]

The importance of a real team

Scrum requires a real team. The word ‘team’ is often used, often in different ways.  So, let us define it. According to “The Discipline of Teams” by Katzenbach and Smith, this is what you should look for: 1. A meaningful common purpose that the Team has helped shape. 2. Specific performance goals that flow from […]

What to do with managers?

First, unlike some in the agile community, I think managers can be and even are useful in lean-agile-scrum.  Even essential. The first problem is that we do not explain to them how things have changed, and how they can be effective in the new environment. Still, there is a lot of evidence, on many levels […]

Taking Ideas on a Test Drive

I am a strong proponent of “show me the money.” In other words, there are lots and lots of ideas that sound good. And only a relative few that are really worthwhile. And we only know which are which by …taking an idea for a test drive. But even this basic scientific idea is not […]

Committing for the Sprint

This is, to me, still a New Year.  A friend suggested I discuss New Years’ resolutions.  Or something like them, Sprint commitments. Henry Ford said: Whether you think you can or you can’t, you are usually right.  So, let us work backwards. To me, in most business situations, the main thing is satisfying the customer. […]

Are managers evil?

Managers, they say, are often bad in the US, and in the world. And there is some justification for this. And, of course, most managers are not evil.  Although, like many of us, many might be badly trained. Some background Peter Drucker worked on this problem of managing.  W. Edwards Deming had his ideas, and […]

3 Drivers of productivity with Scrum

One question is: “How important is Scrum anyway?  I mean, it is always the team that does the work, whether they use Scrum or not.” And this is true. But I do think most teams (if not all) that use Scrum give themselves a big advantage.  They are more likely to be more successful if […]

Scrum is a major management discovery

Steve Denning wrote an article titled “Scrum is a major management discovery.” A useful statement.  I recommend you read the article. It is clear and unfulfilled.  That is, we have by no means fulfilled all the promise implied by that statement.  Have many people forgotten that promise?  Or it is something we never think about?  […]

Additional ideas: adopting lean-agile

This topic (adopting Lean-Agile) is being discussed here and many places. I think I will be discussing it with a senior executive in Canada on Monday, so, very pertinent for me and likely many others. A lot of smart people in that discussion (I know some of them personally). A number of great ideas were […]