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Middle Managers and Scrum

In a lot of organizations I work with, we need to do a better job of explaining Scrum to the middle managers. Most of the people in the teams get Scrum and see benefits. Most of the senior guys see their metrics get better, and, if they focus on the right feedback, hear and see […]

Dear Rob – 2

Rob, as some readers may recall from the first post, is a made-up character, representing a typical senior business executive, responsible at a high level for the Agile initiative — among his many other duties. Perhaps the CEO (although probably not a CEO at the Jack Welch level at GE). In this post, we talk […]

Dear Rob – 1

Let’s assume Rob is a senior executive, with some oversight for an Agile initiative. He is a business person, not in any way a techie. What would you say to him? Well, here is the first in a series of posts for Rob; what I want to say to him. Note: Rob is not a […]

Metrics & Velocity

I have received a few comments, both recently and in the past, that tell me some people are uncomfortable measuring velocity. And they are uncomfortable measuring the team. They are usually not that clear why they are uncomfortable.  Some feel it does not help. Let me state my position, which I believe is also close […]

What is the scope of impediments?

Last night at Agile-Carolinas we had Israel Gat, VP of Distributed System Management at BMC Software. He spoke on “Leading the Disruption.” He is giving this talk also in Austin, TX (and maybe elsewhere). If you get a chance, I urge you to go, or just contact him. After that meeting, I had several conversations. […]

Your Business Case for Agile

My friends at Innovel have a blog entry titled “Build Your Business Case for Adopting Lean Agile.“ Take a look. As you try to get a revolutionary idea adopted, remember that you must always be selling the idea (see John Adams to the right). (Note: We didn’t have quite 50% of our countrymen agreeing, and […]