How to learn more about Lean-Agile

Several people who have taken recent courses have asked: “Where do we find a discussion group where we can learn more about Agile?”

Here are some answers:

First, find local people.

Agile Alliance has a list of agile groups. In fact, the Scrum community has identified its community more broadly and specifically, here. [Not sure if the table is still up-to-date, but the three main links there are, and are very useful.]

What are other ways to learn? Certainly there are many books. Here is a list, although not complete.

There are discussion groups, especially on Yahoo. The Yahoo groups are not used as much as they once were, but most of the great discussions happened here years ago.

Here are my top four:


There are other very good ones, and there are some good blogs as well. The Scrum community has listed a lot of great blogs. Don’t forget the blogs in the Blog Roll to the right (some repetition in these lists).

That should get you more than started.


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