Inhouse Courses and Workshops

I am about to do, in the next 2 months, three different inhouse courses.  Well, actually more, since some clients will be doing more than one thing.

We do a variety of different things.  The typical thing is that we need 10 people.  And you save money.

But the key thing:  It helps a lot.

The value for money is very high.  Everyone is on the same page.

We have many options, but the most used ones are:

  • CSM course as an intro to agile-scrum for the whole Team (and people around the Team).
  • Agile Release Planning workshop.  One key thing is that the build a product backlog, the real thing, and have a decent idea what will be in the first release.
  • Team Level-Up workshop.  If you have a somewhat experience team that (mostly or at least partly( know agile-scrum, do this.  Get them all on the same level.  And we move them up at least one level.
  • Executive/Management workshop.  We do this in a variety of ways.  One is: (a) a 2 hour introductory workshop.  This converys some basics and gives a real feel where they are coming from.  Then we prioritize exactly what they need next. (b) a 4 hour workshop, of talk, discussions and exercises, that helps them rise in their understanding.

There is more information, click here.  There is a listing on the page.  And at the top a document with more details that you can download.

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