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Intermediate CSPO Course

Scrum is, in a way, simple. But I think that, for many reasons, doing Scrum well requires continuous study. For one thing, we need to do the practices in harmony with the values and principles behind lean-agile-scrum.  Also, we are always forgetting the values and principles. But there is more to it than that. You […]

Special Offers: Today thru Sunday

Today thru Sunday, for that limited time, we have a special promotion on this course. Intermediate CSPO + Workshop in Charlotte, May 21-23. 10% off to members of the local Agile or PMI groups. (Or those who join today.) Details are here or here. Today thru Tuesday, for that limited time, we have a special […]

Leading Fearless Change Workshop – Apr 12th!

I recommend that all agile advocates and all ScrumMasters and Product Owners learn more about making change happen. Change both in the large ( the organization adopting Scrum or better) and in the small (changing to fix each impediment). Mary Lynn Manns will be leading a 1-day workshop on change. In Charlotte. April 12th. I […]

Agile – Penny Game Rules

As attendees of my courses know, I like to use the Penny Game.  So, I wanted to share more. Rules: 1. Say: “We are about to see who is the best penny processor in all of [city] today.  And the winner, with the best single round, will win $20.” 2. Select 4 players (these will […]

New CSP Process

The Scrum Alliance has announced a new CSP Process.  That is a new process for becoming a Certified Scrum Professional.  Start here. [Note: The pages have been changed since this post.] This is mostly good. We recommend it. Some discussion: First, the main changes are: (a) 36 months of experience (not as well defined by […]

Choosing a Scrum course/trainer

This is a question I get from time to time: How should I choose between one course/trainer and another? This is an important question and deserves some thought.  It does not deserve, in my opinion, a simple answer, as one might get from Zagat’s about a restaurant. The choice is different than choosing yet another […]

Why our CSM (Scrum) course + Workshop is unique.

We believe our CSM (Scrum) course plus Workshop is unique.  And better.  For the following reasons. 1. We focus on results. We want you, your team and your customers to get real results in a big way.  In 3 words, more satisfaction, more money, more fun. 2. Therefore the teaching style is not toward remembering […]

Referral Program

We have introduced a referral program. The idea is simple. We want to provide a token of thanks to those who refer a person to one of our classes. The token is a $25 Amazon gift card (we can substitute other gift cards of the same amount). So, it is not a huge referral bonus, […]

Refresher Attendees: new program

We have just started a new program:  having prior attendees of my courses to attend the same course again, for free.  Well, not exactly free.  You have to pay for essentially the hotel costs, so, for a much reduced fee. I expect the main usage of this is for people to attend again when some […]

Why add a Workshop Day to the CSM course?

Apparently I am one of the few Scrum Alliance CSTs (Certified Scrum Trainers) who always adds a Workshop day (or 2) to the CSM (Certified ScrumMaster) course. Why do I add the workshop day? The simple reason is because the attendees demand it. Honestly, before they have taken the course the attendees don’t really know […]