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ANN: COVID and Our Courses (October update)

Right now… We recently decided to try an in-person course.  More on that below. *** We are doing online (or virtual or remote) courses or workshops — except for one in-person course (see details below). Of course, we do not know when the online courses will end. For now, we are saying that all 2020 […]

Webinar: Using the Impediment List

This is another in our $5 Webinar Series. Topic: Using the Impediment List We are excited about this webinar.  We have been a strong advocate for the Impediment List pattern for years.  We believe good usage of it can make a big difference. Impediment List is a key pattern in Jeff Sutherland’s and James Coplien’s […]

Webinar: Overview of the Team Level Up Workshop

We are giving a free webinar about our Team Level Up workshop. We have given this workshop 3 times recently.   Clients are very happy. The basic idea is to take a new/existing team (or teams) and do two things. (1) Get all the team members and surrounding people on the same page.  Level set.  […]

Webinar: Creating A Real Team & Better Sprint Planning Meeting

This is another in our Webinar Series. Two Topics: Creating a Real Team. What is a real team and how do you help create one. A better Sprint Planning Meeting Running a better Sprint Planning Meeting.  Who to include, how to prepare, what steps to include. *** I will present some ideas. Briefly.  And attendees […]

Announcements – August 2020

Here are several announcements, briefly listed: Online Courses/Workshops We are doing all courses in an online (virtual or remote) format for now.  We do not know how long this will last.  For now, we have changed all the courses in September to “online”.  Frankly, I am slightly hopeful that we might be doing in-person again […]

Team Level Up Workshop

Next week I am doing an Team Level Up workshop. I’m excited. The point of the workshop is two-fold: (a) Level set. This is to level set amongst the whole team. Get the all on the same page about agile-scrum. It is common that your Team now has experienced and inexperienced people. People who were […]

Announcement: Scrum Alliance allows Online Courses

Scrum Alliance announced that it will allow, for some period of time, for virtual / online courses.  This is due to the Coronavirus. We have our first virtual course next week, that is March 17-19. And the second course on March 24-26. Our expectation is to do every course for the next two months as […]

Information for the Survey (Feb 2020)

New Courses: Scrum Alliance has announced the Adv CSM course.  We offer the Adv CSM now, and others later.  See: New Workshops: We have several new workshops, especially the Team Level-Up workshop! As a quick summary of our courses and workshops (we can send you more easily), see here: You may need to […]

Course Information for SurveyMonkey (Feb 2020)

Intro This is background information for the public survey. You can take our survey here (Survey Monkey). The key purpose of the survey is to serve you better. The needs of the larger group of our contacts are diverse. Some want courses, some need workshops. Some people are looking as individuals, and some are looking […]

Excited for the Advanced CSM course

I enjoy doing the Advanced CSM course (A-CSM certification).  I recommend it to you. How do you benefit? First and foremost: You can help your Scrum Team more effectively, and they can become more effective as a Team.  That adds up to more fun and more satisfaction. Two: You get SEUs to renew your CSM […]