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Inhouse Courses and Workshops

I am about to do, in the next 2 months, three different inhouse courses.  Well, actually more, since some clients will be doing more than one thing. We do a variety of different things.  The typical thing is that we need 10 people.  And you save money. But the key thing:  It helps a lot. […]

Course & Workshop Summary – For January 2 Minute Survey

Intro This is background information for a public survey. You can take our survey here. Why? The key purpose is to serve you better. The needs of the larger group are diverse. Some want courses, some need workshops. Some people are looking as individuals, and some are looking for something for a group. Some are […]

“Path to CSP” – The A-CSM

Here are some key points about the A-CSM. The overall purpose is “learning to become more effective so that you can help the Team and your company be more successful” through lean-agile-scrum. If you have an A-CSM through me, I will be completely convinced that you are notably better than an average CSM. This ability […]

About the New “Path to CSP”

Below is key information about the “Path to CSP.” Two main take-aways: You can move to a new level now by taking the Advanced CSM course — as soon as I offer the course. To become a CSP you need to take two courses and have 2 years of experience (starting January 1, 2o18). The […]

New Courses – Scrum Alliance

As you may know, Scrum Alliance has announced several new courses. The first two to know about are the “Advanced” courses.   The Advanced Certified ScrumMaster (A-CSM) and the Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner (A-CSPO). They are pretty much what you would expect.  More advanced than the CSM (or CSPO).  With their own certification (eg, the […]

Pictures I draw in the course

Below is a link to a PDF of the pictures I drew in the recent CSM course + ARP workshop in NYC. They are not self-explanatory, but some of you will remember better what we said by ‘seeing the picture’. ‘Now I see the picture’ they often say. Enjoy! Comments welcome. NYC march 2017  

Scrum 201 Course – Why?

Why the ‘Scrum 201’ course? Problem: This course addresses two problems. (A) how to get more success from Scrum (B) how to advance your career We are finding far too many teams are only getting 20% or so improvement with Scrum. This is by far too low. One way to address this problem is more […]

Scrum 201 Course: Agile-Scrum to the next level

I have a Scrum 201 course coming up in Atlanta. This is important, needed and useful. Why? Why Scrum 201? Lots of people have tried Scrum and everyone gets some reasonable benefit. But, you may not have gotten nearly the benefits possible.  So, the purpose of this course is to enable you to get much […]

List of Courses and Workshops V12

Some of you may have seen our prior list of courses and workshops. Scrum 201 was added — we did this one year ago with Jeff Sutherland, and the need for it continues to grow. Many of these courses and workshops are available publicly, or could be scheduled anywhere if there is some interest.  Five […]

The Organization of the Scrum Course – 2

See Part 1.  Now continue below with Part 2…     One of the big problems is that the attendees, or many of them, resist intellectually. So, as in Zen, we have to confuse the intellectual mind in order to enable real learning to happen, or, as the Army says, we have to break them […]